April 27, 2019

Doug + Keri | Stonewater Country Club Wedding

Doug and Keri celebrated and committed to a lifelong happy marriage in April. The one word that I heard throughout the day to describe this beautiful event was: FINALLY. So many excited and supportive friends and family came to celebrate, dance and enjoy the BEST smelling donuts in the entire world. Thank you, Sprinkles. Also, this is one of those weddings where I seriously start thinking about offering videography – the flower girl and ring bearer completely stole the show with their amazing dance moves. I hope someone caught all of that action on their phone. So adorable! The gorgeous photos that I did capture show just how happy and in love Doug and Keri are. I love clients like this – laid back, fun, comfortable. They enjoyed the entire day and it shows. Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Hendrick!